Left – handed are invited to the first Baltic golf tournament

In July 21st, 2013 the golf club “Viesturi” will organize the first Baltic left – handed golf tournament. Gunārs Pīlādzis, chairman of the golf club “Viesturi”, wants to highlight that this type of tournament is going to be held the first time not only in Latvia, but in all Baltic states. That is why citizens from Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Finland are also invited to participate. 

„This tournament is not meant to be only a competition. It is an opportunity to popularize golf, latvian green fields and it is a way how to bring together left – handed people,” explain Gunārs Pīlādzis.
„Besides the participant activities, golf club “Viesturi” will provide free golf lessons for everyone who will find it interesting to try something new. They will have an opportunity to relax, watch the tournament, take part in different activities and enjoy meals from a special left – handed menu,” Gunārs Pīlādzis emphasized. 
„I have heard about other events made for left – handed. Those activities have had a huge response and feedback, that is why I am positive about our golf tournament. People are willing to socialize, communicate and exchange with ideas. Golf is perfect for that!” Gunārs Pīlādzis believes. 
The tournament is going to be accomplished by dividing all participants into two groups – ladies and gentlemen. „The main restriction for the tournament – the only allowed golf clubs will be the ones that are suitable for left hand usage. All participants will have to finish 18 holes with a timing 15 minutes for each hole. That means that all 9 holes will be played two times and the whole time limit for a game will be 5 hours,” Gunārs Pīlādzis explains 
All participants will have to pay fee 42.7 euros. That price will include also driving range, green fee, lunch, towel and sauna. 
„Similar to other golf clubs, “Viesturi” is left – handed friendly, you can obtain or rent left-handed golf equipment that includes not only golf clubs, but gloves as well,” the specification is explained by Gunārs Pīlādzis. 
„I hope that this tournament will become an annual event. This is creative way how to get more attention in the global golf world, ” the future plans are explained by Gunārs Pīlādzis. 
Golf club “Viesturi” is the eldest golf club in Latvia. It has only 9 holes, but at the same time golf club is equipped with the biggest and most comfortable golf house. Its location is convenient for citizens and guests, because it is situated in Jaunmārupe – only 19 km away from the center of city Riga and 14 km away from Jūrmala.

Author of press release: 
Laura Puncule, student of the 3rd year in 

Public Relations and Advertising Management programme of
Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA)


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