Yonex Latvia International 2019 Newsletter #1

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Largest Future Series Tournament in the World
We invite you to the largest Future Series World badminton rating tournament in the world! In 2018 “Yonex Latvia International 2018” received applications of 439 entries from 335 players representing 40 countries.

We have received first applications from already 16 countries
The deadline for applying for the tournament in Latvia is 30 April 2019.
In Jelgava and Latvia, we expect badminton players from Australia, Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Dominican, Estonia, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Peru, Poland, Scotland.

Live score & Live Streaming
We’re the only Future Series tournament, where all courts will be covered with Live score and Live streaming. All matches can be seen on Youtube and the Badminton Live app.
On Sunday, all final games will be broadcast on the Latvian Sports TV channel Sportacentrs TV. On Thursday and Friday, Sportacentrs TV also plans to broadcast all games where the Latvian player will be involved

1 trip – 2 tournaments
Distance from the venue of Yonex Latvia International to the Lithuanian tournament only 135 km. Transport to the Lithuanian city of Paneve˙zˇys (132 km) will be organized in cooperation with next week’s tournament Lithuania International 2019.
Traditionally nearly 2/3 of the tournament’s players take part in both tournaments.

Very economic tournament
Accommodation in the student town of Jelgava starts at €12 per night for one person. At a relatively low price, the price for a hearty and tasty lunch or dinner is only €4.

Training before and after the tournament
It will be possible to practice before the tournament, during the tournament and after the tournament.
Practice courts will be available in another sports hall.
There will time slots for 2 sessions per day: from 10:00 to 13:00 and 15:30 to 18:30

The new sports hall in Jelgava
The badminton tournament Yonex Latvia International 2019 will not take place at Jelgava Sports Hall as before, but at the Zemgale Olympic Centre on the other side of the river Lielupe, closer to Riga and Airport. Zemgale Olympic Center is a modern sports hall with comfortable stands, locker rooms, lights, cafe and a lounge area. Here will be 6 widely deployed badminton courts.

Badminton tournament as badminton festival
Badminton tournament must be a major event! During the tournament, we are organizing a seminar for trainers, discussions for tournament organizers, an exchange of experience on attracting sponsors.
In 2018, we also held a badminton trick shot competition for the first time, as well as a competition of exact serve.
We’ll organize evening event for players, coaches, technical officials Saturday night at the restaurant Kreklukrogs to jointly watch the UEFA Champions League finale.

Badminton trick shot competitions
We invite all badminton players, as well as coaches and technical officials to participate in badminton trick competition. It will take place on Friday, May 31 at 12:30, after the tournament’s official opening ceremony.
Rules – a minimum of 2, a maximum of 4 players participate in one performance. The team has 21 shots per performance and the goal is to perform as many tricks shots as possible. One judge will count shots made, and the other number of trick shots made. Every trickshot counted must be different (the same trick repeated will not count)

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